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What is a freewrite? Glad you asked.

Freewriting is a process coined by Peter Elbow that involves writing continuously – no pausing to think of words or to edit. Just write and let it all out.

We adopted that concept and put a five minute timer on it. The freeflow of words without judgement builds creative muscles! The short time also makes it an exercise anyone can do easily without overthinking or feeling intimidated. 

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So what is my story of how the @FreeWriteHouse has influenced me? Well take a look at my journey of self discovery, healing, and learning and you tell me that it didn’t play an influential role in my journey! Plainly stated, I found myself! The self I hadn’t met yet! Man ohh man is he a cool dude 😎 such an amazing outlook on life ✌️
Without @freewritehouse, I never would have found out how powerful and prolific an author I really am.
I am the writer I am today because stumbled on @freewritehouse and learned the simple art of freewriting.
I have found inspiration and camaraderie at #freewritehouse and friends I will treasure for life, whether or not we ever meet face to face.
Suddenly a community of people who not only wrote, but also read surrounded me. I was inspired... and dedicated.
@freewritehouse has provided me with many options to indulge in my scribbling, from freewrites to we-writes. Other writers have been very encouraging to me in their comments, and I try to pass that on to others.